Benaiah Cusack

Benaiah Cusack is a contemporary landscape painter and mixed media artist in Indianapolis who emerged on the art scene in 2012.  His surreal and abstract paintings embody dramatic color, texture, mixed media elements and his unique view of nature, fantasy and the mystical.

“I paint to document my inner life, impressions, and attempt to capture the fragments of beauty from nature and the abstract.  Sometimes I pull from my own photography for inspiration or direction.  When I start a painting, I escape into another world.  I don’t usually know where the destination will take me.  The painting process begins with biomorphic shapes and paint splatters.  Then I add layer-upon-layer of paint and texture scars, and eventually the piece starts to take shape.   Through my art, I want to transport the viewer into a surreal landscape where the mundane world disappears, lifting a veil and revealing a dramatic visual story.  I hope that my paintings can open a window into a new environment that creates metaphors for life or sparks the imagination.”

Pam Allee