Hello Hogan!

Hogan Rebekah Hickman is a rising junior at Herron High who loves acoustic music and observing the artists around her. She’s certainly a Ravenclaw, is an Enneagram type Three (The Achiever), and gracefully possesses a balance of imagination and organization.


Hogan really feels at home in Indy and believes that the city’s wide-spread emphasis on art contributes to its welcoming community. With both parents working near the Harrison Center, she’s been connected to its creativity for years.  


“The fact that there’s all this art in the building that I’m able to experience a lot is just great.”

Her artistic mediums of choice are lettering and typography. Among other creative endeavors this summer, Hogan’s working alongside her fellow intern, Megan, on The Envelope Project. The annual project entails sending out 5,000 individually and--of course--beautifully designed envelopes to the Harrison Center’s supporters.


These envelopes will strengthen connections to all the people who have been touched by the Center by delivering updates on the past year's accomplishments in the Harrison Center's annual letter. If you are interested in receiving one of this year’s specially designed envelopes by none other than Hogan and Megan-- contact pam@harrisoncenter.org.

Hogan casually shared her bullet journal that makes Pinterest look amateur and described this form of expression as one of her favorites. When dreaming ahead five to ten years, she hopes to go to school for architecture and interior design, and wouldn’t complain if she ended up living in the Colorado mountains.