What if your church was the neighborhood hub?

What if sharing your church building with your neighborhood transformed your community? What if creative partnerships with non-profits meant your church could do more? What if opening your church’s doors opened doors to community growth, financial benefits, and new relationships?

IMAF, an annual Harrison Center event held around the shared building/property

IMAF, an annual Harrison Center event held around the shared building/property

About the Conference

For almost 20 years, the Harrison Center for the Arts and Redeemer Presbyterian have creatively partnered by sharing space. While it may seem unconventional for a church and a non-religious organization to share a building, and even a calendar, their model has endured and remains beneficial to both groups. The Harrison Center believes more sharing is possible! Across the nation, places of worship of all denominations and faiths, sit empty most of the week, draining resources and missing out on the endless benefits of sharing.

Our conference, “Convertible: Transforming Community by Sharing Space,” teaches leaders to consider creative uses for their worship buildings and strategically embrace beneficial partnerships with outside organizations.

What to Expect

Explore the Harrison Center model, learn the joys and challenges of sharing, and consider ways to apply building and program sharing in your own community. The conference includes sessions, all meals, a Neighborhood Impact tour, a First Friday Gallery Opening, and a Porch Party! Learn why to share, what to share and how to share. Topics include mission, finances, theology, facilities, working with artists, working with partners of other faiths, communication, calendaring, and creative placemaking in your neighborhood.