Elizabeth Guipe Hall

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Indianapolis-based artist Elizabeth Guipe Hall explores a medium she calls encaustic collage, which incorporates the centuries-old technique of applying molten beeswax and pigment to a surface and fusing successive layers together with flame. Using encaustic as both paint and adhesive, Hall composes in three dimensions, applying and juxtaposing collage elements that include original digital photographs, found images, graphite, charcoal, etched lines and imported handmade papers. To a viewer, the rich layering seems to extend the content in both space and time. Hall’s work explores themes of personal growth, the passages of life, the drive for self-determination, the illusion of self-control and the tenuous balance between containment and release. Phone: (317) 797-1113.

elizabethguipehall@gmail.com | bethguipehall.com

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