In 2014, the Harrison Center began encouraging people to gather on their porches with friends and neighbors, to share food and drink and to help cultivate a sense of community in our urban neighborhoods. Since that time, the popularity of "porching" has soared. In 2016, through a partnership with the Indianapolis 500, the Porch Party movement grew to include the entire state of Indiana, and hundreds have joined in the fun.



  1. Pick a day Choose a weekend or weeknight evening to host your porch party.

  2. Invite friends, family & neighbors — Bring close friends or friendly neighbors together.

  3. Prepare food & drinks — Who doesn’t love yummy snacks and refreshing drinks?

  4. Connect — Find common values and develop bonds with neighbors to strengthen the fiber of our city!


Download our Porch Party Kit!

Our porch party kit includes a list of everything you need to plan your first porch party:

  1. Grocery snack list

  2. Drink recipes

  3. Spotify playlists of local artists

  4. Conversation starters to connect with neighbors

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