Josh Rush


This summer Josh has been painting outside and around Indianapolis mainly by bike. He has been a year-around bike commuter for many years and has enjoyed getting to know the city’s pathways, sights, and pedestrians from the saddle. What remains most important to Josh, as an artist, is being true to his creative process where ever it may take him, allowing his wanderlust and intuition to guide him. From the coast of Maine where he sailed with Maritimers along the rocky shores of the Castine Harbour to San Luis Obisbo, California where he became an apprentice of the Huasna Valley Farm he continued to create his artwork drawing inspiration from his experiences. During his apprenticeship at the farm Josh studied with California Impressionist Painter Phillipe Gandiol. Most of Josh’s childhood was spent ambling about in the foothills of the White Mountains in Massachusetts and New Hampshire where he developed his appreciation for Nature.  Josh began operating as J Rush Studios in 2008 from his studio on Talbott Street and has won several awards while displaying paintings in exhibits and shows around the country. |

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