The Harrison Center is a cornucopia of art in Indianapolis. There are many unique things about its character, starting with its rich history dating back to 1903 when The First Presbyterian Church was built. Inside the building there are many beautiful stained glass windows. The stained glass windows caught my eye because they tell a one of a kind story about the building.  In 1905 former First Lady Mary Harrison dedicated a Tiffany-designed stained-glass window to her late husband President Benjamin Harrison "Angel of the Resurrection.” This one of a kind piece was removed in 1970 is being taken care of at the Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfields.

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The second thing that caught my eye is on the outside of the building: a smoke stack. Ever since I started visiting The Harrison Center in 2014, I always saw this structure as a symbol for the Harrison Center. I would find myself taking pictures of it. The contrast of the orange brick and blue sky is very beautiful to me.

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The Harrison Center is a home to 32 artists. These artist come from all walks of life creating unique pieces of art. Out of the 32 artists, one caught my eye. Her name is Erin Huber. She is a painter and a paper cutter. She is also the founder of The Mother Artist Project, which is a group that focuses on the importance of Mother Artists. Erin Huber interviews mother artists behind the scenes as they balance two very different worlds between mothering and being an artist. Through her work, Erin explores her own experiences through folk influenced paper cuttings and paintings. Her style is very distinctive.

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Josie Frankville is a intern at the Harrison Center.  She currently a junior at Herron High.

Josie Frankville