Meet Moriah, again!

A new staff member is adding her wonderful energy to the mix at the Harrison Center. Moriah Miller’s face may be familiar to you. Having been a Creative Placemaking Intern in the past, Moriah isn’t exactly new to the Harrison Center, but her position is. As our new Intern Coordinator, Moriah will oversee the Cultural Entrepreneurship Internship Program, including recruiting and supervising interns, writing grants and bringing more structure..

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Moriah grew up in Naples, Florida.  In college, she identified her passion for the arts and exploring their place in culture while studying Philosophy and Business. Moriah observed that many Americans don’t place importance on the arts in their lives and as a result are missing out on their value and influence. She says that she found herself asking the question,”How can I, as a non-artist, give a voice to the arts?”

The answer to that question began to come to her when she heard Harrison Center Director Joanna Taft speak about creative placemaking. This sparked her interest in what was happening at the Harrison Center. Eventually, Moriah came to the Harrison Center as an intern in the summer of 2017. After finishing her senior year and a semester of study abroad in Japan, she was ready to join the Harrison Center team, bringing her enthusiasm and passion for our shared mission.

Lorie Lee Andrews