What Caught Zoe's Eye

My name is Zoe, and as a senior at Herron High School who has spent the majority of my last four years in the Herron Morton and Old Northside neighborhoods, the Harrison Center has always been the center of activity. My freshman year I knew nothing about Herron, its surrounding neighborhoods, or the people who inhabit said neighborhoods. However, I quickly came to know the Harrison Center. From First Fridays to track practices in the gym, the Harrison Center felt like an extension of my time here. The Harrison Center acts as the heart of its Old Northside neighborhood. With constant exhibits and events, the Harrison Center provides life for the neighborhood, making it an obvious place to have an internship.

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 2.08.26 PM.png

The Harrison Center is constantly innovating and finding creative new methods to engage the surrounding community. Seen here is their new descending table. When they opened up the ceiling space they found wood, and instead of letting it go to waste they transformed it into a floating table, which is now used to host dinners. Whereas most other people would throw out old wood they found in their ceiling space, the Harrison Center utilized it to create an unique attraction.

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The Harrison Center is constantly encouraging creativity from all who come through. It’s not just the visual arts either. In the basement they have a piano by the staircase, my first memory of which was a classmate playing after a convocation here. The multitude of options for creativity was one the pull factors for me. Having outlets for people, and not just the Harrison Center artists, to create with is one of the great things about the Harrison Center. It allows people to bond with one another and to express themselves.

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The final, and my personal favorite thing about the Harrison Center, is the love they have for Indianapolis. All around the building you will find artwork paying homage to the city. From necklaces in the shape of Indiana to pieces saying “Welcome, Race Fans!” there is an all around sense of pride for the city. This gives a welcoming atmosphere to the place, and provides a common ground for those who come through to relate to.