The Artisan's Journey

Bernstein Interdisciplinary Quote.jpg

The famous conductor-composer Leonard Bernstein from his “Six Talks at Harvard” in 1973 made the statement, “The best way to know a thing is in the context of another discipline.”

How can a musician learn from a decorative painter and both become better artisans in the process? What can a theater actor share with a wood turner (and vice-versa) which helps both artists become more skillful at their particular craft? The different mediums of art should not operate as independent silos, but instead as a contextual, synergistic fusion. 

On Monday, February 26th from 7:00-8:30pm down in the Underground of the Harrison Center, join us for an evening of music and shared conversation between five artists of different media (a painter/curator, mixed media painter, wood turner, theater actor and choral musician) exploring the creative process and fusion of art forms.

This event is sponsored by the Indianapolis Choral Artisans in partnership with the Harrison Center. For more details concerning this special evening (“The Artisan’s Journey”), visit