Beauty Never Takes a Rest

This song was written in conjunction with many of the staff and resident artists of the Harrison Center in an effort to try and encapsulate a vision of how to make the arts more accessible in Indianapolis.

window planning

A theme that came to my mind which became part of the fabric of our discussions is stated in this phrase: “Beauty Never Takes A Rest.”

The enduring aspects of beauty are manifold, even when many of us are fast asleep at night. We have the majesty of a starry night, the serene quiet of the streets, or for our purposes, the illuminating beauty of a well-designed exterior art installation to provide public access to artistic beauty at all hours of the day. Indeed, Beauty never takes a rest.

I love this phrase and built this song around it because I believe it echoes deeply in our lives and culture. Life would be quite bleak if we were denied access to beauty. Think about it—an un-beautiful world. One can hardly fathom this nightmarish thought and dwelling on it would quickly lead to a rather depressed state of mind.

But thankfully, beauty has an inherent, un-resting nature. And we get to promote and further this through our creative endeavors. To join in with an un-resting beauty as we seek to provide access for all people to works of art and culture. A lonely line-cook getting off late at night who is able to witness a light display on a building, public art installations which pedestrians can be proud of, neighborhood art initiatives that promote positive culture and community. These are just a few examples! Here’s to the good folks at the Harrison Center who strive to be a place that believes and practices this message of un-resting beauty.