Candor, Jessica Saunders

Hailing from Greencastle, Indiana, Jessica Saunders began her studies at Herron School of Art and Design and graduated with a B.F.A. in painting and a minor in art history. Saunders already has strong professional experience working as a graphic designer with Sincerely Hers, Inc. in Bainbridge, IN.

This month, the Speck Gallery hosts her very first solo exhibition, “Candor.” Her work features intimate images of linens and fabrics captured in various media. Her oil work boasts meticulous detail in a large-scale format. Her artist statement, which can be read here, states,

“We were promised freedom, but we became enslaved. We were promised intimacy but found only isolation. We were promised excitement, but we eventually got bored. We were promised 'adult entertainment,' yet we became increasingly juvenile.”

Pictured below is a piece named, “Promised Freedom” which captures not only her visual style and techniques as she studies and portrays fabric, but also her statement.

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 9.48.02 AM.png

The show hangs through April 27, 2018. Saunders continues to paint out of her home studio and work as a graphic designer. More information on her and her work can be found through the links below.