An Ode to Bates-Hendricks

This song is dedicated to the families who have poured into the historic Bates-Hendricks neighborhood and invested their time and energy into caring for it. The neighborhood, like many, had fallen on hard times. Blighted houses, crime,and strip clubs were indicators of the state of this historic neighborhood which stands just south/central of downtown.

From stories I have learned, through perseverance they have maintained and helped to remodel many homes, not merely for their own benefit, but also to keep the neighborhood accessible for a variety of income levels. An old strip club has been converted into a coffee shop and community center that children can gather at after school. Families have been raised on these streets, and children have been taught to love their neighbors. For all of these reasons I have entitled this song “Heroes.” Thank-you for caring for and investing in the Bates-Hendricks Neighborhood!


Such a noble thing, a selfless deed.
Families inhabiting.

Calling home, a blighted place.
Taking risks to set the pace.

The Story starts, a pact was made:
“Let’s stick it out; love this place.”
Raise our kids in this neighborhood.
To grow and play and do some good for others.

Rich in history, rough by the looks
Old Bates-Hendricks overlooked.
Boulevards and Bungalows.
Sitting ‘neath the city’s glow.

This was the place, where they chose.
To set up shop; to work on homes.
Invest in lives, enduring pain.
Continuing on, to do some good for others.

So we say thank you for caring.

Looking back and looking forward
Lincoln Lane up and running.
What’s in store as new folks come.
Enter into work that’s done.

This is a place, changing fast.
One thing remains, the neighbors pact
To love this place, honor the past
Continue on to do some good for others.