Shop Talk in the Underground Gallery: Alicia Zanoni

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Alicia is a mixed media painter focusing on landscapes and human figures. She is drawn to color and light, always trying to find surprising elements in familiar scenes and, conversely, familiar elements in abstract scenes. She is after a visual language for life – a language which, like words, offers meaning, but unlike words which are bound to definitions, connects with our undefined, deeply felt experiences.

She graduated from Covenant College in 2015 with degrees in Art and English and currently works from Studio #50 at the Harrison Center.

Favorite podcast: Modern Mystics, especially Episode 9 “On the Relationship Between Beauty and Justice.”

Shop Talk is a show to celebrate the newly renovated underground and the artists that are adjacent to it. While not exclusively a trait of the artists that share the underground, I feel that those of us who have our studios close to each other have informal, informative conversations.

I asked everyone to write a little about themselves, and to share a favorite interview, book, or podcast that they feel is useful while they work in the studio. While I think it is important for artists to get in the zone and to deeply engage in our work, I think it’s also important to identify the voices that give us some sense of our location in contemporary practice. I find myself looking for substantive conversations. I’m also amazed by how I try to get someone’s idea out of my head! Regardless, I’m grateful for the casual interactions I have with my neighbors, as it keeps me sharp and gives me a place to find my own voice.

-Nathan Foxton, Curator

This is the third in a series of seven.