Meet the Harrison Center's new resident artists!

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Tom Day

Tom Day is one of the Harrison Center’s new resident artists, but he isn’t new to the Harrison Center. As a Herron high schooler wandering the Center on First Fridays, it became a dream of his to one day become a resident artist. About eight years later, Tom feels blessed to be living his dream and describes the experience as almost “surreal.”

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A graduate of Herron School of Art and Design, Tom is classically trained in oil painting, is skilled in digital media artistry, and is passionate about combining the two. His portraiture beautifully brings forth the people and stories that have given Tom a larger vision of the world. Inspired by coffee and continual exposure to the perspectives around him, he’s looking forward to this new chapter of his life as a Resident Artist with “the best studio assistant you could ask for,” Antsy Nancy, his new kitten.

tom and nancy.jpeg | | Instagram @tomday_art

Jingo de la Rosa

Community artist Jingo M. de la Rosa recently moved into the Harrison Center and we’ve been enjoying his genuine passion for life and art ever since! Jingo is hard-working, humble, and quirky; he would never brag about his impressive portfolio with clients like Eli Lilly & Co., the NCAA, and Butler University (just to name a few)-- so we’ll do it for him!


photo credit: Fred Miller

photo credit: Fred Miller

Jingo draws (pun intended) his inspiration from the culture and contagious, “obvious energy” that makes living in Indianapolis “such an exciting time.” He not only lifts Indy up through his realistic yet heartwarming illustrations but also by leading summer workshops and camps. One of Jingo’s favorite parts about the Center is how each artist’s studio reflects their personality, and he describes the people he lives alongside as “fearless, unique, and world-class!”

Photo: Ruckus Makerspace

Photo: Ruckus Makerspace | | Instagram: @jingoillo

Abi Ogle

You might have noticed a sweet, powerful creativity that has recently inhabited the Harrison Center-- that whirlwind of fresh air would be new Resident Artist and Speck Intern, Abi Ogle. A recent Covenant College 2D and 3D art graduate, Abi has already jumped headfirst into our “infectious craziness” as she begins to test out “the belief that it might actually be possible” to really live “as a maker.” She appreciates these walls that have seen so much and loves that art is able to keep all that is the Harrison Center successfully and “precariously perched on top of each other.”


Abi “feels very married” to her art--her heart belongs to natural fibers--so she finds it fitting that she can wake up and create without even having to put shoes on, especially since whatever she’s working on at the time “follows her around anyways.” Fueled by curiosity, art history, and listening to people’s stories, Abi will divide the next seven months of her fellowship between PreEnact Indy’s creative placemaking, and capturing intangible concepts that flit through pre-existing conversations.

Tangle I, hair on pillowcase

Tangle I, hair on pillowcase | | Instagram: @abiogle

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