Hello! My Name is Amira Malcom


Hi all! My name is Amira Malcom, your friendly neighborhood Hufflepuff and ISTJ. I’m a 23 year old college graduate, and I’m not an Indianapolis native.

I was born in Philadelphia, PA and lived there for seven years. Then my family moved to Indy to follow a job opportunity for my dad at what was then the Radio Corporation of America (otherwise known as RCA).

Right now I’m working as one of the video and production interns at the Harrison Center, alongside so many talented students and artists! I technically started my internship earlier this year, and I graduated this spring from IUPUI with degrees in Photography and Media Arts & Science.

My big project for this summer is a short video series called Views From the Porch which I’m working on with Asa Gauen, one of the resident artists here. We travel around Indianapolis interviewing long-term residents of the Monon 16 neighborhood, collecting their stories to share with others.

It’s been really interesting to say the least, and a great way to peek into the history of my adopted state! I’m looking forward to talking with more neighbors and sharing their stories!

In my art and video practice, I’ve always felt drawn to narrative elements and storytelling - even going so far as to make a short documentary about my family for my thesis in IUPUI’s School of Informatics and Computing. I’m also a huge Disney fan, so how could I not pursue the happily ever after?