Sewing Summer

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Hello everyone! My name is Megan Auffarth, and I have had the amazing opportunity this summer to intern at the Harrison Center! My job this summer has been working on the Envelope Project which entails designing and hand addressing the 5,000 envelopes that hold our annual fundraising letter. 

I became connected with the Harrison Center through previous summer interns who had been involved with this Envelope Project. When I initially heard about it, I knew it would be something I would enjoy doing. Upon my first meeting with the Executive Director of the Harrison Center, Joanna Taft, we began discussing new ways of designing the envelope, and thus the idea of embroidering on the envelopes was born.

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I spent the first half of this summer learning the new software and materials needed to make sure that this plan would actually be possible to achieve. The second half, I’ve spent executing the embroidered design on the envelopes while constantly adapting and changing plans gone awry.  It has been a difficult process to complete, as with every step I have taken, ten hurdles seem to pop up, but nevertheless the project continues.

It has been such an amazing growing experience as I push my own understanding, not only of these materials, but also of what impact art can have on community.  I look forward to seeing what the rest of the summer has in store for me and for people to receive my hand-crafted envelopes in the mail!

This year I will be finishing my degree in Fine Arts at Covenant College, with a concentration in 2D and 3D art. My true passion lies within the decorative arts, or more specifically combining the 2D media of painting with 3D ceramic and fiber materials.  While I have lived all over (everywhere from Florida to Chile!), I currently call Greenville, South Carolina home. 

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