Meet Amira Vanest!

Hi, I am Amira Vanest and am so excited to be currently interning at The Harrison Center!

I am a sophomore at Herron High School, and I learned about this internship program through friends and family. My mom worked here at the Harrison Center for 4 years and a few of my siblings have also interned here. Through coming into this space after school to see my mom to watching my siblings thrive through the opportunities presented at the Harrison Center, I have experienced the culture and connectivity of the Harrison Center which made me want to immerse myself in this space and learn about the culture and relationships that grow here.

I have been given the opportunity to coordinate the Harrison Center’s 2020 FoodCon which is our unconventional food convention. Inspiration can come through the most unexpected people, places, and experiences. My hope and inspiration for FoodCon comes though my dad. My dad grew up overseas and went back to teach there after college. He experienced a culture that he wanted to bring back and share with my family. Through that, I have been able to watch him interact with refugees from all over the world, and it made me fall in love with the idea of culture. Culture is such a magnetic force which you can’t help but be attracted to. This year, I hope to incorporate food from many cultures into the already diverse and unique event that is FoodCon.


My favorite part of my life so far are the relationships that I have built and that is something that I know I will forever be thankful for. Through this experience I hope to learn how to build professional relationships as well as learn how to love the community well. I want to help people enjoy and live a life that they deserve and go about it with a smile on their face. This is also something that I hope FoodCon will be: an event that showcases a part of people's lives that both betters the community and puts a smile on all of our faces.