Meet Kurt Matthews-Miner

I’m Kurt Mathews-Miner, a senior at Herron High School. Currently, I’m at the Harrison Center working as a video intern. Film and video have always been a proud passion of mine and the Harrison Center has given me the opportunity to explore and work in that field. While I’ve been here, there have been quite a few things I've seen that made me look twice.

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The first time I was in the gym, getting my lay of the land, I noticed some of the balls that had gotten stuck in the rafters. It made me laugh a little because more than a few of them had to have been up there because of Herron students. It made me think back to my first Summer Academe at Herron in the gym program when I saw people overestimate their abilities too many times.

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Secondly, one of the most striking spots to me is the video cave; it’s my main workstation and just has kind of a cozy feel to it. The cave is pretty tucked away so as to not bother people during events and business hours. It’s the spot where I spend a lot of time during my internship and where I get to create, edit, and just have fun. When I started out, it was a little disorganized, but since I've been here we have started to clean it up and make it look nice. The whole room is just a nice space that I enjoy working in.

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Lastly, a place that caught my eye is the Gallery Annex. Mostly because when you see it during the Harrison Center’s normal hours, it doesn’t have a lot of feeling to it. However, when you see it during one of their events such as First Friday it seems much shorter due to the people talking and looking at all the art on the walls. It's another space that I like a lot because it has such a visual transformation with just more people there.

Whether I’m walking through First Friday and getting scenes for a short or I’m helping out with day-to-day operations and I stumble through the gym, I love discovering these hidden aspects of the Harrison Center. Being able to work on projects like videos for First Friday, workshopping video ideas, or just small organizational things to help out everyone, I just get a little smile on my face.

Kurt Matthews-Miner