Connecting People to Urban Indianapolis-Plat Collective

One of Indianapolis' fastest growing real estate brokerages Nottingham Realty Group, longtime friend and neighbor of the Harrison Center, is rebranding itself as Plat Collective. To celebrate, there will be a launch party in the Speck Gallery at the Harrison Center during this First Friday. Nottingham Realty Group has been located next door to the Harrison Center along 16th Street since 2012, playing an important role in the growth and support of the community while also remaining a stalwart partner of the Harrison Center through the years. The First Friday festivities will recognize the accomplishments of the past eight years that Nottingham Realty Group has enjoyed while also celebrating the possibilities of the future and the start of a new chapter as Plat Collective.

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Mark Nottingham, one of the owners of Plat Collective, has been in the real-estate business since 2009, and opened Nottingham Realty in 2011 as an urban-focused and community-driven real estate company, with the office space they currently occupy on 16th Street becoming their home in 2012. “I decided to get into the real estate industry in 2009, and it was mostly driven by seeing opportunity in downtown Indianapolis,” said Nottingham. “I didn’t necessarily see the company that exists today, but I knew I loved downtown Indianapolis and that I liked working with people, and real estate provided a cool context to integrate working with people and helping this downtown Indianapolis community that I love.”

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Nottingham Realty Group has been active and growing in Indianapolis since its inception in 2011, and Plat Collective will continue that work. “Plat” is a term that is often used in urban planning, meaning to map out a geographical area and plan where each piece of the neighborhood will fit, and “collective” is inclusive and collaborative in nature, and when united the two words communicate the goal of Plat Collective: To be “an urban-focused company figuring out how to get people connected to neighborhoods,” in the words of Nottingham. “We are passionate about all areas and people of this city, and we hope our new name reflects that.”


Aside from the obvious relationship between the Harrison Center and Plat Collective, there is a deeper connection between the two that might not be as apparent at first glance. While the respective industries of each business are undeniably different, both find an affinity to each other through the shared goal of supporting and building up the diverse Indianapolis community, with each organization seeking to sustain and serve the people, culture, and character of the city, leading to a unique and meaningful amity between the two.  

“Plat Collective cares about healthy neighborhoods, they support local artists, and are genuinely involved in the community. They are the kind of organization that we (the Harrison Center) like to partner with,” said Harrison Center Executive Director Joanna Taft. “They’re at a stage where they’re growing and having a greater impact while still remaining committed to culture and community, and we want to celebrate that with them.” The real estate group has helped several Harrison Center artists, including Quincy Owens and Kathryn Dart, with their real estate needs.

Plat Collective will continue to be a staple in the community for years, and we are so excited to celebrate their rebrand. We hope you will join us in honoring and commending our faithful friends on this momentous occasion.

Kyle Baird