I Can’t Cry But Tears Fill My Eyes

“As my time in the place I have begrudgingly called home for nearly ten years comes to an end, I have embarked on this project in an attempt to arrive at a sense of closure.  Through the emotionally taxing exercise of revisiting scenes monumentalized by my personal history, this work has become an agent for both self-acceptance and self-ridicule.”

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“I am torn between how I want to feel and how I do feel about my relationships to the people, places, ideas, and events represented in these images.  Photographing the subject matter in a blurred, out of focus technique suggests this emotional discord and informs the title, I Can’t Cry But Tears Fill My Eyes.  Ultimately, this struggle was of my own making and through a decade-long journey, I came to know myself.”   Artist Statement, Caleb Click

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Caleb’s work is beautiful, big and thought provoking. It will be hanging in the Hank and Dolly Gallery through April 26th. This work is something to experience in person and we invite you to come in Monday through Friday 9-5pm.

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