Welcome Eric Lubrick!

The Harrison Center serves the community in a variety of ways, but one of our proudest contributions is providing studio space for a diverse array of artists and creators. Recently, we welcomed photographer Eric Lubrick to the Harrison Center as a studio artist. Eric brings a broad portfolio of work with multiple domestic and international publications and galleries, and we are excited to have him join us.

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Born in Texas and raised in Kentucky, Eric initially became involved with the arts in high school, when a few influential teachers guided and gave him the space to experiment with several different artistic mediums, including painting, drawing, and most notably photography, giving him the initial spark that led to a deeper interest in the arts. Following high school, Eric decided to pursue photography as a career, and enrolled in the Columbus College of Art and Design for a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts Degree, and later Cranbrook Academy of Art, where he eventually received a Master’s of Fine Arts Degree. Following graduation, Eric landed jobs in professional photography at several different places around the United States such as New York, Michigan, and eventually Indianapolis, where he has been since 2011. “There was this idea that your lived experience is the making of an art piece, that the life you’re living is becoming an art piece,” said Lubrick, when asked what initially drew him to photography. “It felt like there was this fleeting moment that needed to be inspected more, and I think photography was kind of like this magical device that seemed to allow me to do that.”

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For Eric, the act of creating is a tangible, measurable work that takes time, effort, and care, all values instilled in him from a young age by a family dedicated to integrity and hard work, a tradition he carries on through his work today. Stylistically, Eric has covered a wide range of photographic methods in his full collection, but he specializes in drawing out unique details in each photo he takes, as well as taking creative looks at depth and shadows in his subjects. Having spent time in the commercial photo industry, his work has been featured in publications such as the Huffington Post, National Geographic, and Allure Magazine, to name a few, but aside from his commercial work Eric has a separate catalogue of independent, fine art pieces. Drawing from many sources of inspiration, Eric’s photographic work explores themes of his childhood experiences as a twin, visual memories, and tangible associations to emotion, to name a few, all of which provide a window into a new way of thinking. “In an ideal world, I want my work to put someone in scene, to put them into a lived experience I’ve had in my life,” said Lubrick. “It’s about creating worlds rather than recording things that are happening right in front of me.”

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Eric Lubrick is a talented, decorated photographer who brings a fresh approach to the Harrison Center. We are excited about what he has in store for his future work, and we hope you will join us in celebrating Eric!

Kyle Baird