This Must Be the Place, Jackie Head

 At a recent lunch gathering in the City Gallery, one of my favorite Harrison Center artists (who shall remain anonymous) was told that Jackie Head would be showing her work here in August. The response to this news was joyful squeals of enthusiasm. I was instantly excited about seeing Jackie’s work and knowing more about her story, and, of course, I think anyone reading this blog would feel the same!


Jackie’s artwork is unique and appealing. She is a ceramicist, but not like other artists that I know who work in clay. Jackie makes slip cast wall tile installations that are inspired by various sources of colorful, geometric imagery such as Islamic Art, quilts and tile work. The colors are bright and saturated with repetitive, rhythmic patterns. What is especially moving to me is the way that this sensitive artist is able to assemble shapes into mandalas and designs that express emotions and tell a story. Her show is called,” This Must Be The Place”, and it refers to her desire to be at home, here in Indianapolis, where she feels most at peace.  One purpose of these beautiful, repetitive designs is that they can create a calming environment, much like the presence of supportive friends and family.

The pieces in this show have been created in Indianapolis over the past two years, a period of tremendous growth for the artist. Before this, Jackie had been in an artist in residency program in Florida, during which time she struggled with anxiety. She writes, “My last solo show was two years ago in Florida. In that show, I tried to use my pieces to express the anxiety that I had felt over the last two years. Since moving home, I have been trying to create pieces that bring a sense of calm and joy to the viewer.”


This delicious artwork will be a highlight of the Harrison Center ‘s FOOD-CON celebration. The opening reception will be Friday, August 2 from 6-9pm and the artwork will stay on display throughout the month.

Lorie Lee Andrews