Meet, Gianna!

Hello, I’m Gianna Oladon! A current intern at the Harrison Center.

I’m a Senior at Herron High School and I heard about the internship program through my student peers. 

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When I’m not at school, I like to draw and write; I even started animating. I enjoy using pencil and paper to draw animals, humans, and mythical creatures, but I also use the program Krita to draw digitally. I’ve started to use Krita to animate as well.

When I go to college, I’d like to study anthropology and creative writing. Since the Harrison Center’s goal is to bring people together through art, I believe interning here will help me connect to my community and gain the necessary skills to be a confident anthropologist.

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The idea of bringing a community together through art is a very unique idea that I love. I also appreciate that PreEnactIndy combats gentrification. It’s inspiring to see people fight against the displacement and segregation of their community.

When I’m not drawing and writing, I’m watching cartoons and my favorite movie, Godzilla: King of the Monster, or I’m talking/hanging out with my friends.

We are happy to have Gianna interning with us!!