March 2018: In the Moment

2734-HCA_Mar2018InTheMomentPoster-V02 jpeg.jpg

The Harrison Center is pleased to present “In the Moment,” new work by Justin Vining in the Harrison Gallery and Gallery Annex. For Vining, this show is a continued exploration of traditional landscape painting. While a portion of the show will consist of plein air work, he has spent recent months working in the studio creating more ambitious studio landscapes. Subject matter focuses on scenes from around Indianapolis and Indiana. Early in his painting career, Vining was known for his bright, whimsical watercolor and acrylic work, but has made a shift in the last several years to more classical oil scenes, exploring muted, natural tones.

City Gallery presents Josuha Betsey’s Waking Dreams. The artist explains,"After stress and circumstance forced me out of a living 7-year sleepwalk, I had the epiphany that all of my dreams and aspirations are based on real, tangible things. This realization transformed my outlook on life and my perception of Indianapolis as a whole, which for some time I believed to be dragging me down. I began to think that if I could convince others that their dreams are real through my artwork, I could influence positive change. Using various neighborhoods of Indianapolis as a model, I began to reimagine familiar local settings as utopian destinations with flashing lights, fancy billboards and walks of fame much like L.A. and Las Vegas. Places where we seem to expect all of our wildest dreams are somehow more likely to happen. These works invite the viewer to reimagine some of Indy’s most well known regions as magical destinations where all of our dreams are possible."

In Speck Gallery, multimedia artist KWA presents The Space Between (Stimulus and Response). KWA’s work "explores the space between stimulus and response, where each of us has the power and freedom to choose our reactions. I have captured this space by extracting still frames from my Abstract Motion Pictures at a rate equivalent to 1/24th of a second (a window too brief for any response) from a final film. The extracted still frames are then printed at cinematic scale to suspend contemplation ahead of response."

In the Underground Gallery, Shop Talk showcases work from the Harrison Center studio artists connected to the Underground Gallery. Often, these artists bump into each other in this space, whether it's in the middle of their daily routine or leading up to an important show. Now, freshly renovated, the gallery takes on a reinvigorated energy with an exhibit of work by the artists who spend time there. The work hangs through April 27.

In Hank & Dolly’s, Owens + Crawley, the artistic team of Quincy Owens and Luke Crawley present Encased. Owens + Crawley are known for their 2D and 3D work that incorporates light and sound, creatively melding art and science.

The March 2 event is the first open studio night of 2018. Attendees are encouraged to explore the Harrison Center and look for our 36 artists who will welcome you into their workspaces.

The work hangs through March 30.

With support from: the Arts Council of Indianapolis, the Indiana Arts Commission, Christel DeHaan Family Foundation, Allen Whitehill Clowes Foundation, the Indianapolis Foundation, Sun King Brewery, and Amy McAdams Design.