January 2019: THRU•WAY

The Harrison Center welcomes back painter Tyler Meuninck to the Harrison Gallery with the solo show, Thru•way. Meuninck says, “My paintings represent industrial neighborhoods that have piqued my curiosity about their history, lives, and people. I paint both large and small works that are indebted to the properties of the tools in my hand and represent arrangements of forms that embody a sense of place. My studio practice adheres loosely to the credo of some midcentury abstractionists and a few early and late modernists, that ‘It is not what you paint but how it is painted.’ Paint, in a sense, is the active ingredient that carries and displays a portrait of its own actions. Each work, like the landscape it depicts, may reveal an unnameable but identifiable character, a portrait of place.”

In Speck Gallery, Professor Animalia’s Menagerie of Struggling Species. Using circus-style sideshow banners, the artists combine whimsical, joyful folk art with the serious subject of extinction. Instead of trapeze artists or sword swallowers, the banners feature “struggling” species like the Indiana bat, the black rhino and the monarch butterfly. Over a dozen banners will each feature a different endangered species.

City Gallery features You Are Here, new work by mixed media artist Abi Ogle. “As a curious 2D and 3D maker, I find myself immersed in art history, seeking to listen to the stories of others, and striving to create interesting things. I believe that materials matter, and that (in the words of Dr. Elissa Weichbrodt) art really can make you more human.”

Hank & Dolly’s Gallery features Elsewhere, analog collage work by Jack Campbell.

In the Gallery Annex, work by Mark Blaney and Kerrigan Clark.

The work hangs through January 25.

Pam Allee