Meet Chris Barrett

My name is Chris Barrett, I am 19 year old college student at Butler University studying Exploratory and International Studies. I learned about the Harrison Center from another freshman at my university through the work-study program. While my first impression of my job was that I would not fit in well due to my lack of artistic knowledge, I quickly found that it is more than just an art center. The Harrison Center has also taught me about how much of an impact that art has in this city and has helped me to find different styles that I find interesting.

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Growing up in the southern region of the United States, my perception was that art wasn’t very heavily focused on in school or city. One of my favorite pieces of art is located outside of Emma Overman’s studio. It’s a painting of white rabbits parachuting from the sky, the painting caught my eye because I plan on joining the Army after college, and look forward to skydiving.

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The second piece that interested me was a paper cut-out piece that said “Welcome Race Fans”. Since I have interests in cars as well, I was interested in that work, and had a hard time convincing myself to move on through the hall from it. The last part of the Harrison Center that I find interesting is the Harrison Gallery with a table that descends from the ceiling. These things have helped to give me a new perspective on what art is, and has helped me to better appreciate art’s impact in our society.