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ArtMix , (formerly VSA) located in the Harrison Center, transforms the lives of people with disabilities through the creation of art. Founded in 1982, by Ambassador Jean Kennedy Smith, as an international program to help children with disabilities overcome isolation in schools, it now serves Hoosiers between the ages of 16-22 with pre-vocational skills via art under the title of Urban Artisans.

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According to Emily of Urban Artisans, ”art is a tool” to instill basic social and professional abilities." While this organization seeks to vocationally train the disabled, all persons are encouraged to participate. Since 2008, Urban Artisans has partnered with schools to regulate funding for the organization.  Through this collaboration, it has facilitated opportunities for students to get involved. Jacob, a Herron High School student, in the Herron-Morton Place Historic District, has volunteered his time for more than six months. His experience with the organization has enriched his “inner-artisan.” This program continually changes the lives of many by supplying job and academic-skills through practical and creative means. The program is currently enrolling, until February 28, and seeking volunteers, year-round.        

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