Indianapolis Classical Schools

Current billboard at 16th & Delaware features Indianapolis Classical Schools. Art by Justin Vining.

Current billboard at 16th & Delaware features Indianapolis Classical Schools. Art by Justin Vining.

Just a few short years ago, I was wrapping up middle school and thinking about where I would go to high school. I was districted to attend North Central High School, but my parents decided to send me to Herron instead. Originally I was reluctant as I wanted to be with my friends from middle school. However, I quickly found that my parents decision to send me into the Indianapolis Classical Schools system was one of the best things to ever happen to me. I found a caring community, designed to push students to be as successful as they can be. In my four years at Herron, I have never once felt out of place. The Indianapolis Classical Schools are a great choice for anyone looking for a great education.

Herron High School

Indianapolis Classical Schools is a network of two downtown schools focusing on Latin and a liberal arts education. Often though, it is not the Latin nor is it the liberal arts education that brings students and parents to the schools. Often it is simply the high quality education and teachers that attract many families. Herron, and now Riverside, have established themselves as  leaders in the classical school movement, and Herron has been highly ranked ranked both statewide and nationwide for its exemplary academics and teachers.

Riverside High School


One of Herron High School’s most beloved community members, Chief Enrollment Officer, Lynn House, states “The greatest pull factor for Herron and Riverside families is that they sense the passion of our teachers and administrators when they visit our schools. As they dive deeper into our offerings and support structures, families soon come to understand that they are getting a private school education at a public school price.” Perfectly summing up many of my peers’ reasoning behind attending Herron, as well as my own.