How to write a song about a descending table? This was the guiding question that led to the creation of this tune. I wanted to tell a story and take people on a musical journey that embodied the imagery of a beautiful table descending down from the ceiling to be used for various events, including Art Dish. I began by exploring the genesis of how this table came to be and learned some interesting things. For instance, this table (dubbed the "Specktacular Table" and made possible by the Speck Fund and AWCCF) was crafted out of unused wood that was nestled in the ceiling of the Harrison Gallery. Also, I learned that there have been choreographed dances that have accompanied the lowering of this table.

With these things in mind, I got to work versing out words and joined them with a tune.  What came forward was something playful and evocative with a whimsical, simple, and playful melody that was accompanied by the vocals and violin of fellow musician Kaitlyn Ferry. This turned out to be a fun little project that I enjoyed very much. I hope you enjoy as well!