Welcome back, Nabil!

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The Harrison Center welcomes back Nabil Ince for a two week music-writing residency! Nabil’s music is already well known around the Harrison Center. Last year he worked with the Harrison Center and spent some time getting to know the residents and business owners in the Maple Crossing Neighborhood. What resulted was the song, “Barbershop a Blessing.”

Nabil is back in Indy for two weeks this summer having just graduated from Covenant College where he studied music with a focus on jazz. While spending much of his time in college studying the theory and technique of western-classical music, his musical influences and background are largely in Hip-Hop, Gospel and Jazz. Currently Nabil is living and working in Chattanooga Tennessee with an organization called the Eastlake Expression Engine. The organization's mission is to provide kids living in under-resourced neighborhoods access to art and music programs to help develop their creativity and cultivate strong community. Nabil helps with the K-5 school, specifically their music and choir programs.

During these two weeks at the Harrison Center, Nabil is looking forward to reconnecting with the relationships he built during his last residency, specifically  with the guys at the Cheatham & Moore Barbershop. He is also looking forward to diving in to writing and recording process in the sound cave as a way to decompress after college!

Andrew Whitaker