IMAF 2019

Join us Saturday, June 15th for day full of good food, music, art, and people at the Harrison Center just off of 16th and Delaware. This year we are celebrating the 18th annual  Independent Music + Art Festival, sponsored by Circle City Apartments—also known as IMAF. Check out this *video* to learn more!

IMAF 2018

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It’s that time of the year, folks! The Harrison Center is never without its all-invited events to help build community in the city. If you are in Indianapolis in the middle of June during the time of IMAF, then you need come to the Harrison for a great day full of fun. This year’s event has been coordinated by Indy resident Donald “Donnie” Smith who is excited for many people to join the fun.

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¨Donnie Deal” (left) and me (right)

Donnie is a 2019 Herron High School graduate, and while he is young, he has proven to be qualified for this major event. He has been working with the Harrison Center since last August to help plan and coordinate IMAF before he leaves for Purdue University to study industrial management. Donnie received this job when Joanna reached out to him to provide an unconventional experience that was not in his pursued field. He enjoyed many aspects of this job, notably all the people who are participating and expected to attend.

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IMAF promotes community through the use of the talents and resources of local Indy business, bands, and artists. Everyone is invited to partake in a fun time this weekend at the Harrison Center. Festivities begin at noon and go until 8 in the evening. Come prepared to have a great time in the sun.

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IMAF builds community by finding ways to bring different people’s interest together. “There is not a way for people to get themselves out there,” says Donnie, “if there [aren’t people] willing to put them out there.” Many partners including Circle City Apartments, Sun King, Plat Collective and the Indieana Handicraft Exchange who help to make this event an Indianapolis classic.

Caleb Keitt