Meet Tori Vintzel

Being hours away from home can always be hard, but this girl definitely makes it look super easy! Coming all the way from Jackson, Tennessee is the Harrison Center’s new intern, Tori Vintzel. This is her first time being in Indianapolis and she is loving it! Tori loves meeting new people and is so sweet. It feels like you’ve known each other for years once she sparks a conversation with you.

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Tori is going into her junior year of college and she is majoring in art. A lot of her friends at school are past interns and they knew of her interests in art and felt like the Harrison Center would be perfect for her.

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Her hobbies include making posters and album covers for local bands back home, she loves going to concerts, taking photos, drawing, and collaging. She also likes taking road trips when she’s able and really just being outside. Tori is hoping to use her hobbies in the Harrison Center’s annual envelope project where she will be designing art for the envelopes and making receivers excited to get the annual letter.

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From this experience, Tori is hoping to be able to get involved in a new community. She really wants to be a part of making a difference. She is hoping to get comfortable enough that she can consider this a third home to her. She is very excited to be in a large city. Thanks for taking the time to get to know Tori Vintzel and we hope you get to meet her!