Alyssa Trinko

This summer at the Harrison Center, Alyssa Trinko is here to hope! Coming from Chicago, Illinois, Alyssa wants to help spread hope in Indianapolis with the Harrison Center. She will be working with the Harrison Center as an intern, where she can work with the members of the community. Alyssa has a vibrant, upbeat servant’s heart, and has been passionate about getting to know the people of Indy since the day she first arrived. Her desires are simple: find the people in need and contribute her abilities and connections to fill those needs.

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Alyssa’s heart is comprised of her mother, younger sister, and her closest friends back home and at school. Alyssa has grown very fond of her school, Valparaiso University, over the past three years, and as she enters her senior year, she can gladly call it home. She studies History and French; is a CAPS Fellow and her primary interest is with Civil Rights. She loves art, especially drawing, collage, and film photography. Alyssa wants to use her studies and even her hobbies to leave a fun, positive imprint on the city.

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Alyssa makes any atmosphere friendly through her joy, laughter, and helpfulness. She is known as a leader who loves to include people and utilize the gifts and talents of others to empower the whole group. Alyssa is a trendy freethinker with a diverse range of tastes and interests. She loves to step into the craziness of others to make a situation better and inclusive.

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With all that being said, Alyssa is excited to help the Harrison Center as a Creative Placemaking Fellow. Through the Calling and Purpose in Society program at Valparaiso University, she was able to find her way to Indianapolis to use her creative abilities to help bridge gaps in the community. She loves the mission of the Harrison Center and the fun, loving atmosphere here, which are two very important ingredients to make a good impact in the community. Through her internship, Alyssa wants to grow independently as a young professional and artist—fixing problems that matter to her: racism and racial violence, women’s rights, reproductive injustices, environmental issues, and teaching people how to value and appreciate art. Alyssa really wants to help out in the city by using photography to highlight artists and influence the community.

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