Meet Yeabsera

Meet the Harrison Center’s newest Creative Placemaking summer intern, Yeabsera Tabb! Known as “Yeabi” by her friends and coworkers, she is a passionate and creative individual with a heart for working in community. Yeabi grew up in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia until she was thirteen, and then moved to Greenfield IN, where she still resides. Art has been a consistent focal point in Yeabi’s life and she yearns to learn more on how it can be a bridge between different people and groups. She is a junior at Indiana Wesleyan, studying Design for Social Impact, and minoring in Studio Arts. Yeabi can be described as creative, relational and passionate. She first heard of the Harrison Center through their “First Friday Events” and quickly realized that she wanted to be involved. She enjoys everything 3D and hopes to expand her skills in creative placemaking this summer.

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Yeabi loves that art can be more than just a physical piece, but can be an unconventional tool to transform communities. She draws inspiration from artists like Tonika Johnson, and John Ruben, who realize the potential of art in creating change and unity in divided places. Yeabi has a huge heart; one that aches for injustice and seeks to tell the stories of those often unheard. Yeabi is also passionate about the environment, systemic problems and social justice issues. Her hopes for working at the Harrison Center this summer is to make meaningful connections, and to become immersed in the surrounding community.

“Untitled” A piece made by Yeabi, which reflects on a factory collapse on April 23 2013, in Rana Plaza.

“Untitled” A piece made by Yeabi, which reflects on a factory collapse on April 23 2013, in Rana Plaza.

When she is not using art to empower people, she enjoys longboarding, watching movies, making coffee, gardening and hanging out with her two pups, Buna and Bernie. Yeabi’s ideal day would be picnic in field of yellow flowers with good friends and good food, finished with a nighttime walk through the city. If you are ever in need of a compassionate friend, driven artist, or just want to say hi, come down to the Harrison Center today and get to know Yeabi!

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