Art is a Mirror

On display in the Speck Gallery is artist Derrick Carter’s sparkling show, “The Art in Carter.” It is a collection of dreamy, colorful images created from sand and glue. It is about his journey as a person and an artist, and bringing out the artist in his viewers. Carter graduated from the Art Institute of Indianapolis with a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design. He is an Indianapolis native. Sand is his trademark.

Screen Shot 2019-06-21 at 1.04.21 PM.png

Carter started making sand art after a car accident that shattered the right side of his body -- except for his right hand and arm. His survival brought him to his faith. This inspired his desire to give back to God, and he’s done that through his art. Carter explained that, “God created the Earth and the ground. I take something He created, and I give back by creating something for others to see.”

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Carter describes this show as his “alter ego.” He wants to tell his story through each canvas. “The piece is called ‘The Art in Carter’ because this show is how I saw it,” Carter told me as we discussed the paintings, “and how you see it is the art in you.”

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Carter’s work has been exhibited in art shows around the country. From major events like the Harlem Art Festival in New York City, to his famous “Dream” piece (a feature of his show at the Harrison Center) on display at the Indianapolis International Airport, Carter has garnered praise from icons like Spike Lee and Tamika Catchings for his work.

This year, you can expect to find more of Carter’s art right here in Indianapolis. In July, his work will be in a show at Saks Fifth Avenue, and in November, he’ll have a show at the Columbia Club. If you can’t make it to these upcoming events, you can enjoy more of Carter’s stunning work from his website: