Destini Pollard

Destini is working for the Harrison Center as an intern this summer! Born and raised in Indianapolis, she graduated with the last class at Broad Ripple High School, a performing arts high school which recently closed in summer 2018. Destini currently studies Criminal Justice at Alabama A&M, but she also loves children and is interested in doing social work.

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She is no newbie to the Indy scene - you may have seen her socializing at a porch party, spending time with her Greatriarch great grandmother, Shirley Webster, or dancing in the Indy 500 parade last May. After her first year of college Destini came back to Indianapolis and was connected to the Harrison Center by Miss Shirley.

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Destini’s art school background and concern for the greater good of society make her the perfect fit for the Harrison Center. Her grade school exposed her to creative placemaking early on when her class brightened a foreclosed neighborhood by painting the boards in broken windows. We’re so excited to see the same energy and vibrance seen in her love for dancing and the way she cares for others manifested in her involvement with the city of Indianapolis. Her desire to put a lot of effort into the projects she works on during her internship will undoubtedly result in a very rewarding summer for both her, her colleagues, and her community.

Tori Vintzel