Chase, the Creator

Whether it’s drawing, animation, music, or videography, Chase Mitchell lives to create. He is a dynamic artist who has a love for every kind of art imaginable. Each of these mediums in particular is a part of his spontaneous life as a Video Production Intern at the Harrison Center.

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An Indy native, Chase studies Media Arts and Science at IUPUI and minors in Studio Art and Technology at the Herron School of Art and Design. He is highly driven, and he is inspired solely by the opportunity to create something new everyday. Since he started as an intern in January of 2019, Chase has been honing his skills in videography and animation, as he has filmed and produced promotional work for the Harrison Center. Chase has also learned about community. He has discovered not only what it means to belong to a community, but what it means to serve one.

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Chase describes his aesthetic as “weird but comfortable.” From his long hair to his big t-shirts, he only tries to be himself. He appreciates individuality, and he wants others to be genuine in how they express themselves, too. He listens to any and all kinds of music -- from heavy metal, to old country, to rap, to classical (maybe even all in one day). He loves dogs, and one of his dreams is to start a dog rescue in the forest. Sushi is a big part of his life.

Chase loves the Harrison Center for its interconnectedness. He appreciates how the Center is a place where local artists, interns, staff, and Indianapolis residents can come together to be creative for the good of the community. He is always working on something in the hidden video cave of our Speck Gallery. If you stop by the Harrison Center, you’ll have to look for him.

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Check out this video that Chase created for the Harrison Center about learning to ride a bike!

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