Hello, Holly!

Holly Fall is a creative placemaking intern here at the Harrison Center. She is an easygoing, creative, compassionate, and thoughtful individual who enjoys being with people. Holly is someone who is down for any and all adventures with the people she loves. Born and raised in Perry, Georgia, Holly enjoys going to the farmer’s market and loves the small and caring aspects of the community. Holly is a senior art major with a concentration in 3D art and graphic design. 

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Holly is a believer of impactful change in communities by utilizing the power of art and problem-solving. Holly’s hope during her internship is to learn ways in which art can be used to impact others in lasting ways. She hopes in her time here to dig deeper into her passion for people, making art, and sharing stories. Holly heard about the Harrison Center through a previous intern and was inspired by the mission of the Harrison Center. Through participating in a 48-hour residency in January, Holly grew into learning more about how art can be used for others as she explored Indy and really got to know the city. As a response, Holly made an animation video illustrating her journey and what she learned at the Harrison Center. During her residency, she fell in love with how art is used as tool to enhance change here in Indy.

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Holly defines Creative Placemaking as making an existing meaning and history visible to not only current residents, but also future ones. Holly is a well-rounded artist who enjoys experimenting in various mediums. When asked to pick a favorite medium, Holly chose drawing. She also loves reading, picnics, cooking, and watching movies. Holly’s favorite movie is Howl’s Moving Castle, and her favorite books are Harry Potter and The Road.

In Holly’s words, art is intuitive and natural. Holly is inspired by artists who focus on manipulating and commenting on pop culture; she is also interested in the social side of art. Using creative problem-solving greatly interests her. Holly is passionate about countless things, and she is often overwhelmed by problems that seem impossible to solve, such as environmental issues. In the midst of that, she is often very encouraged by the power of art to make these problems visible and bring about solutions. She wants to grow into learning about ways she can inform people about these problems. She wants to do this in a deeper way that challenges people to think about how these things impact them daily.

Through her time here as a placemaking intern, Holly is excited to get to know the city of Indianapolis and the people who live in it. Holly loves making time for people, so come visit this compassionate, driven, creative, and thoughtful individual at Harrison Center.

Yeabsra Tabb