Meet Avery!

Avery McGuire interned this summer creating music at the Harrison Center, specifically writing acoustic tunes about the neighborhood. A junior at Herron High School, Avery loves playing soccer and working on his music. Although Avery is from Brownsburg, he spends most of his time in the Herron-Morton neighborhood. Through attending Herron, having deep local friendships, and working as an intern at the Harrison Center, Avery has taken the opportunity to get to know his community deeper.

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This summer also instilled a deeper love for songwriting. Although he had never written songs for other people before, his summer project included writing a song for PreEnactIndy. Despite this lack of experience, Avery described his experience as fun because it allowed him to “think about the people first.” His passion about the power of music has only grown, and his understanding of the world and how people see each other has changed. He loves that music gives him the freedom to express himself in various ways. Avery remarks that, “Music is complicated like math,” yet has an incredible ability to speak to the heart. When he goes to college, Avery hopes to pursue music, as well as soccer. Avery is also interested in human interaction and wants to explore the field of psychology.

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When Avery is not busy writing songs, he is playing soccer or watching his favorite movie, the hilarious and timeless, Napoleon Dynamite. For Avery, even seemingly simple things, like movies, are a chance to think deeply about the world, life, and others. He loves that music is an outlet for him to not only tangibly express and process the world but also engage in it. The Harrison Center has been lucky to have such a deeply thinking and talented individual and is excited to see what the future holds for him. We are sad to say goodbye to him, but have our fingers crossed that he will find his way back here soon!

Yeabsra Tabb