Meet Brendan Day

Brendan Day standing outside his studio at the Harrison Center between his oldest (left) and latest artworks.

Brendan Day standing outside his studio at the Harrison Center between his oldest (left) and latest artworks.

On September 6, when First Friday rolls around again, it will be “Open Studio” night, when all of our artists will be welcoming your curious eyes into their creative spaces. With every studio door open, you may notice that there have been some changes in studio locations, and for extra fun, we have a few new and exciting artists for you to meet. This blog will introduce you to Brendan Day, an inspiring painter I think you’ll want to know about.

Brendan works primarily in oils on canvas, layering gorgeous, rich colors one over another, often using a palette knife to create texture and an almost 3D effect that brings his subject matter to life. His still life pieces take on an abstract personality, and his landscapes are dreamy and emotional. He creates with a warm palette featuring lots of toasty ochre. In spite of his modern style, when I look at his landscapes, they make me feel as if I am traveling through time.

It may seem a little bit hard to believe that Brendan began his college career at Indiana University studying bio anthropology, (although his fondness for archeology could explain the long ago feeling I get when I look at his paintings!). While in Bloomington he began creating album covers for his musical friends, and he soon knew the direction his life wanted to take. Brendan completed his degree in 2013, but he did so back here in Indianapolis at Herron School of Art and Design. Having grown up in Broad Ripple, Indianapolis is a good fit for this artist. He spent three years in a studio at CCIC, and after briefly working from home, he is thrilled to be in Studio 260 at the Harrison Center.

I encourage you to chat with Brendan about his art, since I found his passion and attitude to be so inspiring. He considers each of his pieces to be a meditation, and in just a single conversation with this artist I experienced a spirit of exploration and openness that reminded me of why I love to spend my time with creators!

Stay tuned for more information about our exciting new artists.