A Birthday Song

On May Wright Sewall’s 173rd birthday we remember her as a champion not only for  women, but for everyone. She is known for her fight for women’s rights, world peace, and education. She was a main leader of countless women’s rights organizations including the National Council of Women of the United States, the National Woman Suffrage Association, and the International Council of Women. In Indiana specifically, she helped to establish the Indianapolis Women’s Club, the John Herron Art Institute, the Indianapolis Propylaeum, and the Art Association of Indianapolis (now the Indianapolis Museum of Art). Without Sewall’s tireless efforts, Indianapolis would lack many of its great, cultural staples, and many of the rights women have today would not have come as quickly as they did. Thank you, May Wright Sewall, and a very happy birthday to you. https://soundcloud.com/citygallery/nobodys-fool