Porching - A Herron Morton tradition


Being a college student in another city, it doesn't feel quite natural being back home in Indy during the summers. I would say most people my age feel the same way and are always looking for an excuse to do something fun or make new friends. Thankfully, Indianapolis is an exciting place to live... I have AMAZING friends and neighbors here. So, I wanted to share my home with all those people.


My porch party was a group of recent college grads & current students looking for community during the summer. It was a strange mesh of high school, college, work, and random friends who have lived in Indianapolis, Nashville, France, Brooklyn, Eritrea, and Chattanooga. We sat around snacking on cheeses and salty snacks from the blessed Aldi and Wildwood Market while sipping on a strange frozen margarita made with strawberry puree I had discovered deep in my freezer (it was hot outside-- don't judge our drink choice). We shared stories of our schools, recent travels, and medical/language curiosities. Lots of  neighbors also stopped to say hi as they were on their way to another porch party, some with a line of children behind them.


Though this motley crew was barely familiar, I'd say we'd like to make a tradition out of the afternoon. I guess summer always feels more natural when sitting on the porch.

-submitted by Susanna Taft