A Pile of Liles

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 10.52.51 AM
Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 10.52.51 AM

Craig and Micki Lile first met in Evansville through a mutual friend while they were both in college (different colleges). Coincidentally and unrelated, they and their mutual friend moved to Indy in the fall of 1999. Since they were all new to the area, they decided to start hanging out. That was the spark that ignited their now 17 years in Indianapolis. They started hustling people at pool, pool turned into dating, dating turned into marriage and then they bought a house. Unfortunately it wasn't the right one, grrr. In March of 2012, they decided they had accumulated a long enough list of wants for the perfect house to begin the search. They had to find one quick because an offer came in on the house they were living in and they were closing in 30 days. After looking at 40 houses, Micki only found one that she wanted Craig to see . It's the one they live in today. When they moved to Herron Morton Place one of the things they wanted was a coffee shop and restaurant within walking distance, but settled for Mass Avenue being close enough. Happily, the many new restaurant and coffee shop additions on 16th Street have met that need.

In the early days, Craig spent a lot of his creative energy building MOKB presents, My Old Kentucky Blog and associated companies. With a heart for Fountain Square, Craig (who has a minor in ceramics) and Micki along with daughters Lucy and Kellen have since become part of the Fountain Square Clay Center community. They made Indiana ornaments for their Sunday dinner club group and friends which led to a small handmade jewelry and gift business.

Within a week of moving to the neighborhood, most of the neighbors that lived around them had come to introduce themselves and most brought gifts! "It was awesome. I now call most of these people good friends." says Micki.

Good things are happening all around Herron Morton Place and the Liles are a part of that.