A Tale of Two Mothers



Erin Huber


 Susan Hodgin

In this month when we honor mothers, it is our distinct pleasure to feature two Harrison Center studio artists and mothers, Susan Hodgin and Erin Hüber. Hodgin's show, a limitless existence can be seen in the Harrison Gallery this month. She is also a subject of Hüber's Mother Artist Project, a project that documents the lives of mother artists through photography and interviews. Hüber's black and white images of 20 mother artists is on display in the Gallery Annex. Her work was borne out of the frustrations she faced in trying to simultaneously raise a family and finish art school. Convinced that there were other women with similar challenges, she set about documenting their stories. It is truly inspiring to read how these women have learned, each in their own unique way, how to strike the right balance in their lives between parenting and creating art. Huber's accompanying photographs add a touching dimension to the womens' words.



 Susan Hodgin has described her work as "an attempt to map, chart, and record my reactions to nature, both near and far."  She found beauty in the catastrophic and fearful on the grandest scale, in nature. Her new work shares this theme, but on a much smaller, more intimate scale. Diagnosed with colon cancer in 2011 while pregnant with her daughter, Anna, Hodgin is currently being treated for a reccurence. She has interpreted her experience on canvas and paper in this new body of work and the results are breathtaking.

susan and anna

Hodgin with daughter, Anna. Photographs by Erin Hüber. 

Happy Mother's Day to Erin and Susan. Thank you for making the world a more beautiful place.

Their work hangs through May 30th.