Alpha Romeo Tango

nato alphabet Greetings from the Harrison Center! After a one-month First Friday hiatus due to gallery renovations, we are pleased to announce that our doors will be “OSCAR-PAPA-ECHO- NOVEMBER” (open) on Friday, May 1st!

This month the Harrison Gallery, presents Alpha Romeo Tango, an acrophonic aesthetic experience that takes viewers from Alpha to Zulu as it celebrates the NATO Phonetic Alphabet. As a group show, Alpha Romeo Tango (hint: it spells “ART”) features artists Asa Gauen, Katherine Fries, Kipp Normand, Erin Drew, Christina Hollering, and HCA curator Kyle Ragsdale, and their personal takes on how to visually represent the phonetic alphabet in their work.

Here’s a sneak peek!

victor kipp normand 2

Victor, Kipp Normand


FullSizeRenderCharlie, Delta, Kilo, Katherine Fries




romeo juliet

Romeo & Juliet, Kyle Ragsdale