“Aneks/Annex” by Christa Roby and Olivia Waltz

If it’s true that April showers bring May flowers, then it’s equally true that May shows us a new world that wakes in bloom out from its wintery hibernation. In this spirit of nature’s revival, artists Christa Roby and Olivia Waltz present their show “Aneks/Annex” this month in the Gallery Annex. Christa 1

As seniors preparing to graduate from Herron School of Art and Design, Roby and Waltz have come together to create a show teeming with the elements of memory, nature, and personal belief. “I work with photo transfers on wood with some painting elements,” Roby said, “I was making oil paintings about my childhood and members of my family, and eventually I made the jump to using actual images in my work. Family photos are so powerful and they hold an intense amount of emotional weight. When combined with other visual elements, like paint, the transferred images become even more precious.”

Christa 2

The weight of Roby’s work stems from her life experiences, and moves with an uncanny fluidity into her pieces. The result is a sort of quasi-realism that takes her viewers into the emotions of her memories.

Christa 3

Similarly, Waltz’s work seems to glow with the luminescence of her inner self. “I was born in Washington and was exposed to the beauty and wonder of the forests, mountains, lakes, and animals at a very early age,” Waltz explained. “The childlike wonder and freeing openness I feel when I’m surrounded by this wild natural landscape is totally attributed to the awe I have for God, who I believe loves His creation, and me, infinitely.”

Olivia 3

Working primarily with oil paint on both canvas and ceramic, Waltz shows a vibrantly whimsical view of natural scenes. Irregular black lines run throughout her pieces almost like veins carrying the lifeblood of nature.

Olivia 2

Together, Roby and Waltz show us a new world that pairs well with May and the revival of spring.

Olivia 1

“Aneks/Annex” by Christa Roby and Olivia Waltz hangs in the Gallery Annex throughout the month of May.