Becky Wilson - Curtains

In her first exhibit in Indianapolis since returning from California, local artist Becky Wilson celebrates family, friends and life in the arts with Curtains, opening in the Harrison Gallery Friday, October 4 from 6 to 9pm.  Wilson was a celebrated painter in the city before leaving for California for several years.  Wildly funny, eclectic, messy, expressive and playful, her current exhibit is built around a Day of the Dead matrix and deals with love and loss, beauty and happiness, all aspects of life in the arts.  While she is not actually Hispanic herself, Becky says that she really loves and respects the Latino culture.  On her website, she says about this exhibit that “the Day of the Dead to me is not so much about death but remembering and keeping alive the work and sacrifices and spirits of people we have known.” PineAndPalmwebsmall

Also that night, the City Gallery will be presenting Indy City by Bike, new work by painter Josh Rush.  In Gallery No. 2, there will be work by CJ Martin and in the Gallery Annex, Urban Splendor - new work by INvision photographers.  We are looking forward to seeing some amazing talent spread throughout the Harrison Center and we hope that you all will be able to come over and check it out!