Bergs like to host parties. We don't have to be asked or have a special occasion. We once hosted a dinner party simply because we had just found a great set of green plates, bowls and cups at Goodwill!  When the idea of a porch party came up we jumped on the chance.


The Herron-Morton Neighborhood has a great batch of neighbors. All it took was a simple Facebook invite about a week in advance, the mention of beer and porch-sittin' and we had a crowd of about 30 people checked in for a good time.


Jon grew up washing cars and it usually baffles others how good he is at it. We thought we would sweeten the deal on the invite by offering the first two cars parked in front of our house a car wash while they attended the party. Although it wasn't the sunniest of afternoons, the neighbors and kids still got in on the fun with the hose and the bucket of soapy water.

The others enjoyed our tiny little porch and spilled out in the yard to dine on Doritos and craft beer. A spontaneous game of Washers even broke out.  (For those of you not from the South- Washers is similar to 'Bags' or 'Cornhole' but with large washers being tossed into a wooden bulls-eye.)

Members of the newly formed Sporting Herron Morton Soccer Team were present and discussed strategies for our Indy City Futbol games.