Big Mike

Michael Williams? Who’s that? Oh, wait, you mean “Big Mike?” I love him!

Over the past several years, Mike has been an all-time favorite at both his high school, Herron High School, and here at the Harrison Center. Although most high school students start interning at the Harrison Center during their senior year, Mike was interviewed at fourteen-years-old and immediately was brought on as a music intern.

During high school, Big Mike, along with some fellow interns, was able to accomplish two big things: recording "KP Mixtape” and a music video - “Dreamscape.” He was/is able to advance his networking skills, an enjoyable and helpful resource. Such opportunities allowed him to prepare himself for the daunting road ahead - college.

As a current freshman at Ivy Tech, Mike claims that the Harrison Center has helped him gain self-confidence, allowing him to impact others in return with his creative ideas and passions. He sees not only a bright future for the Harrison Center in its ability to form creative spaces and gather diverse people, but also for himself due to the tools the Harrison Center has equipped him with.

A few fun facts about Big Mike:

Favorite food = pizza

Favorite color = “No matter what color you are, stay black.” -Robin Thede

Favorite animal = monkey